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Paper bag machine is a machine for making various plastic packaging bags or other material packaging bags. Its processing range is various sizes of plastic bags of other thicknesses or other materials. Generally speaking, plastic bags Packaging bags are the main products.

Basic characteristics of bag making machine

The paper bag making machine is specially designed as a dual-purpose machine for point-and-roll continuous flat pockets and point-and-roll continuous vest bags. Using computer control, step (servo) fixed length system makes the sealing and cutting size error small. Equipped with electric eye tracking, the pattern position of the printing bag is accurate. Optional computer numerical control can be used to adjust the length of the bag. When there is a problem with the printing bag, the machine will automatically stop and issue a warning sound.

Cutting system for bag making machine

The cutting system consists of cutter, length adjuster, overrunning clutch, welding wire adjustment and other parts.

  1. Cutting knife: It is the most important part of the system. It is a floating mechanism that adopts moving knife and sliding guide and is compressed by spring. Both the upper and lower knifes can be adjusted. An adjusting screw is provided to adjust the tightness of the cutter, which can well eliminate the difficult to cut raw materials.

  2. Bag-making length adjuster: The bag-making length is adjusted by changing the position of the connecting rod sleeve on the eccentric pallet to control the bag-making length. The bag-making size is adjusted by tightening the hand-wheel and the nut.

  3. Overrunning clutch: Zhongsu overrunning clutch is an important part of the machine. Its quality and performance directly affect the error of product length. However, due to the high operating frequency during use, its life span is also limited. If it is found that there is an error in the length of the bag during the production process (usually after half a year of continuous production), but other problems cannot be solved, the clutch can be disassembled for inspection and maintenance.

  4. Adjusting the distance between the welding line and the cutting line: The distance between the welding line and the cutting line is generally 5-10mm. Turn the hand wheel on the adjustment frame to raise or lower the beam roller by a certain distance to obtain the ideal cutting line. In order to easily observe the quality of the welding wire, the position of the welding wire of the single bottom wire can be adjusted to the outer end of the cutter of the machine. If the welding line and the bottom line are not parallel, you can loosen the fixing screw of one bevel gear and turn the hand-wheel to raise or lower one end of the beam roller. After the production is stable, lock the screw of the gear.

  5. Welding knife adjustment method: Place a piece of thin paper on the support seat, turn the large hand-wheel in the body box by hand to make the welding knife at the bottom dead point, loosen the nut and adjusting nut, and try to pull the two ends of the thin paper by hand. Press tightly until approximately even. After adjustment, tighten the nut to prevent it from loosening.

  6. Automatic light control feeding device: This device is composed of servo motor, feeding rubber roller, light control masker, curtain, photoelectric tracking machine and electric control line. Its function is to maintain normal film feeding during the production process. When the machine is running, when the film feeding speed is too fast and the light-controlled rays are blocked, the device will issue a command to stop the motor from feeding.

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